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About Us

Team Canada


We are FIRST Global Team Canada.


We are a community team that combines 4 FTC teams from the lower mainland in BC. We have two members from Forces Unknown #16267, one member from Parabellum 16031, one member from St. Pat’s Celtic Silverfish #18589, and one member from Khalsa 1 #18841. Together we have a combined experience of 18 years with FIRST doing robotics in both FLL and FTC. We are excited to be representing Canada in Geneva this year!

Meet the Team

Team Canada is composed of nine students from across British Columbia. Our team members came together from various FTC teams to compete in the FGC competition. We combined our strengths, and varied perspectives to use in preparation for the FIRST Global competition. Not only do we come from different teams, but cities within BC, yet we stand united as Canadians.

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Team: Parabellum #16031

Our Sponsors

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